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My name is Whitney Wiley and I am passionate about helping people! As a board certified Licensed Professional Counselor that has worked in the mental health field for 7 years, I incorporate strong therapeutic skills that allow me to enhance the connections with my clients and allow them to feel comfortable during sessions. I strive to create an atmosphere of trust while providing quality and compassionate mental health services that will strengthen my clients’ overall well-being. I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist individuals with processing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and developing solid coping skills. I also like to integrate Solution Focused Therapy to allow my clients to get the most out of our sessions and Strategic Family Therapy to help improve relationships and family dynamics. I strive to have a healthy therapeutic relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable, allowing them to have a safe space to talk about their emotions. I want my clients to be a part of their goal setting so that they get exactly what they need from therapy.

You can contact Whitney by phone at 405-498-2299 or email at or book online.

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